Star Wars Improv

As we all know, May 4th is Star Wars Day. As you may not know, my improv troupe performs on the first Saturday of every month. This year, the first Saturday of May fell on the 3rd, and so on Star Wars Day eve we had our second annual Star Wars themed improv show.

Typical improv show warm up exercises.

Last year was our first Star Wars themed show, since it fell on Star Wars Day itself. We each took on a Star Wars character and tried to play that character through the show. I was Yoda, but at one point I did a scene as Luke that was well received, so this year I played Luke all the way through the show (yup, with a wig). And we made the show even bigger with light sabers, cardboard cutouts, and a Darth Vader helmet.

The cast for the show, and yes, I'm in that line up.

Our MC, Julianne, was also the one who organized the show. She made sure all of the games were Star Wars themed, and it was up to the players to keep in character. We played about 15 games by the end of the night.

Julianne and I as Comic-Con volunteers registering cosplayers - in this case they're Anakin Skywalker and Admiral Ackbar

Probably my favorite game involved a setup where Julianne and I were at the registration desk at Comic-Con. Before the show, the audience filled out suggestion cards with the names of characters from any fan supported universe (comics, TV, movies, etc), and they were all placed in a hat. During the game, a player would draw a suggestion from the hat, and then walk on stage as a cosplayer in character. We had to guess who they were. We did 20 walk-ons representing 30 characters (several walk-ons involved two characters). We only missed guessing two characters.

An audience directed scene where Mike and Julianne were trying to recreate Scott and Kimberly's first date.

I thought the show was very good and at some point I'll edit the video I recorded and post a link to the show here.