Headless Horseman: preparing for WonderCon 2014

Checking the Headless Horseman for needed repairs

Here's the Headless Horseman costume as I look it over in preparation for the 2014 WonderCon in Anaheim. Once again, my new body form has proven invaluable. I wish I had it when I made the costume because I could have fit all the parts better. As it is, the fake shoulders barely fit my real body and I couldn't even get them onto the form.

Still, the form let me see how the props and straps sit on the coat, and I was able to make several changes that should secure the costume much better than before. There weren't a lot of repairs; just a button that needed to be replaced and a shaping dart that was resewn onto the shotgun holster. But I added a hook and eye attachment for the bandoleer, and better secured the shotgun handle (I have a dismantled air gun and I just use the handle so that it is sticking out of the shotgun holster on my back).

And now I'm ready to go.