Vacuum former: update post 2

Channel mounts are complete with the oven aligned to the vacuum box.

I didn't get quite as far as I'd hoped this evening, but I was able to finish mounting the oven over the vacuum box. Now you can see the basic structure of the vacuum former. What's missing is the bracket that holds the sheets of thermal plastics. The bracket slides along the channels between the oven at the top and the vacuum at the bottom.

Showing all 609 holes in the aluminum platen along with spacers that have been glued into position.

I also finished drilling the holes in the aluminum platen. In the picture you can also see that I've glued down supports that will keep the platen from sagging in the open area away from the support walls. I used a construction adhesive that's suppose to be good on metals and wood, so we'll see how it looks tomorrow. If the glue is solid, then  I'll use that same adhesive to mount the platen to the walls of the vacuum chamber.

I didn't get the chance to start work on the wiring, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Also tomorrow, I'll mount the platen to the vacuum chamber and test the overall vacuum system.