Upcoming Movies

Currently we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to comic book movies and video storytelling. Marvel and DC have posted plans for their upcoming cinematic universes. The movie rights for indie comic properties are being snapped up. Amazon and Netflix have announced comic book based properties. TV shows are in development at all the networks. It's amazing.

Having missed a couple of TV premieres, I've been wanting a reliable listing of upcoming genre releases that merges all the known announcements and keeps the schedule current. Although there may be one out there, I couldn't easily find it. Instead, I keep getting piecemeal announcements from separate sources.

So, I decided to put my own calendar together. I've placed it into it's own page which will be available from the main menu. I'll announce updates to the list here in the blog, but the page will always show the latest information I've been able to collect.

For my initial release, I've primarily used the DC and Marvel announcements (including the Netflix series), but there are some other news snippets that I've included. There isn't a lot of information in the listings, but I'm not trying to take the place of IMDB. I'm just trying to get a nice looking list together of basic release information.

Let me know if there are any items I should add to the list or any changes to the listed information.