Movies & TV updates January 22, 2016

Mistake! Moved 5th Wave back to Movies Upcoming for a January 22, 2016 release

Added Jessica Jones Series 2 to TV & Online Under Development

Added Black Mirror to TV & Online Under Development

Updated Wonder Woman entry with director, stars, and new image in Movies 2017

Added Kong: Skull Island to Movies 2017 with expected release date of March 10, 2017

Added Kong: King of the Apes to TV & Online 2016 with scheduled premier date of April 15, 2016

Added Stranger Things to TV & Online 2016 with scheduled premier date of July 15, 2016

Move Legion from TV & Online Under Development to TV & Online 2016 Unscheduled

Added The Punisher to the TV & Online Under Development page

Pee Wee's Big Holiday moved to TV & Online 2016 with a premier date of March 18, 2016

Moved Star Wars 8 from release date March 25, 2017 to December 15, 2017

Added image for Ready Player One, added director

Added Avatar 2 to Movies 2017 with release date December 15, 2017

Changed release date of Spider-Man Reboot from July 28 to July 7 of 2017

Added various photos and creator credits to multiple listings in 2017

Moved The 5th Wave from Upcoming 2016 to Released 2016 in Movies 2016

Moved Marvel's Agent Carter and DC's Legends of Tomorrow from Upcoming to Released in TV & Online 2016