Movies & TV Updates April 29, 2016

Set title of new Spider Man movie to Spider Man: Homecoming in Movies 2017

Changed release date of Blade Runner 2 to October 6, 2017 in Movies 2017

Added Rendel to Movies 2016 with an unspecified release date of 2016

Added Guardians (Zashchitniki) to Movies 2017 with release date February 23, 2017

Moved Hunters, Kong: King of the Apes, and Time Travelling Bong from Upcoming to Released in TV & Online 2016

Moved The Jungle Book and The Huntsman Winter's War from Upcoming to Released in Movies 2016

Inhumans removed from Movies 2019 with no new date scheduled

Added Death Note to the Movies 2016 page with release date of October 29, 2016, and is a separate project from the one by Netflix in Movies Under Development

Added the Tomb Raider Reboot to Movies Under Development