Darth Malgus: Makeup

It's time to try and reproduce that face with makeup.

It's time to try and reproduce that face with makeup.

Darth Malgus' face reflects his violent life. You can see the throbbing veins on his head through his pasty white skin. There are large areas of scaring and deep wrinkles, and his eyes are shaded and glowing yellow.

For all the times I've played Malgus, I have never tried to put on makeup in order to more closely match his face. Frankly, I have never put on makeup. Well, I may have worn makeup in the high school plays, but I'm sure I didn't put it on and I don't remember a thing about that.

So, makeup is a huge barrier for me. And it's a barrier I need to break down. Tonight I made my first pass at putting on Malgus makeup. This is NOT a tutorial. I'm just trying to record my attempts at makeup so that I can observe my progress and maybe get some feedback.

The items in the skeleton makeup kit along with the collodion I bought separately for creating scar effects.

Since I have never done makeup, I don't have any of the stuff. Harriet very infrequently puts on makeup and isn't a big help. So I did what I often do when starting a new hobby, buy a kit that has all the tools and ingredients I need to get started along with instructions. Later I can buy the specific things I need more of, or find alternatives for the things I don't like.

I know Mehron is one of the major makeup suppliers for theater and film. So I bought a kit they make for people doing skeleton makeup. The skeleton effect closely matches the white, lined face I need for Malgus. I also bought a bottle of collodion for creating scar effects. 

You can just make out the cheek scars I created, although in real life they stand out more.

The scars and wrinkles show up well, and my eyebrow and beard are less noticeable behind the breather.

I'm pretty pleased with my results. These pictures I took using the bathroom mirror are really poor and don't capture the detail of the makeup work. It took me a few tries, and I only worked on part of my forehead, one eye, and the one cheek. But that was enough to learn the scarring technique and how to deepen existing wrinkles as well as add some new ones. I'm also able to cover over my eyebrows and beard so they don't stand out as much.

Now that I've used the kit, I realize I need a better container for the cover up powder and a few more application sponges as well as makeup remover wipes. I should have plenty of everything else. Guess I'll be making my first trip to a makeup counter.

I do have contact lenses for making my eyes glow, but frankly, I'm a bit afraid to use them. I don't wear contacts, so that would be my first challenge, and the two host over at Cospod (which i listen to regularly) scared me with tales of eye cooties and blindness (thanks a lot Val and Amber!) I'll look at adding contact lenses to my costume next year.