San Diego Comic-Con 2014: Pre-convention statistics

I'm an engineer, so of course numbers are important to me. And every year, I try to give friends and family a sense of the size of the entire SDCC experience. This year I decided to collect some of the pre-convention numbers that I could track down.

5 - Number of days for Comic-Con (including Wednesday's Preview Night)

6 - Number of venues officially used by Comic-Con

  • San Diego Convention Center (filled),
  • Hilton Bayfront Hotel conference rooms
  • Marriott Hotel & Marina conference rooms
  • Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel conference rooms
  • Omni Hotel conference rooms
  • Horton Grand Theater

55 - Number of films in the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival

90 - Time (in minutes) for tickets to sell out

230 - Number of "off-site" events taking place in the Gaslamp District & surrounding areas

320 - Number of game events scheduled at the Convention Center and Marriott Marina Hotel (does not include all of off site gaming events put on by the game publishers) 

375 - Number of scheduled anime screenings

800 - Approximate number of entries in the programming schedule

1138 -  Number of booths (796 exhibitors, 209 artists, 110 small press, 23 fan groups)

130,000 - Estimated ticket sales

over 150,000 - Estimated number of people coming into San Diego for Comic-Con

460,000 - Sq ft. of space for the exhibit hall alone