War Doctor: Make or buy?

A screen capture from The Day of the Doctor

The War Doctor is a very different costume for me. Up to now, my costumes have required a fair bit of crafting: making armor, sewing unique clothing, building props. And so far they have been for rather obscure characters, so most of the specialized costume parts were not available in other ways.

Doctor Who is a huge franchise, and the costumes are made from more readily available articles of clothing. I've never really had the option to buy so many pieces. The forums that discuss Doctor Who costuming give several opinions on each part of the costume, and alternative ways of achieving the look.

That has left me with the quandary, make or buy?

It'e been interesting to face this issue. I've come to realize that one of the criteria for this cosplay is speed of development. I'd like to have the costume ready for C4, the second weekend of September, so I've decided to prioritize speed and convenience. I'm also interested to see how I feel about a costume I've assembled this way.

I've looked at each piece individually, and they'll all come from different sources. Some pieces are so unique that I'll probably have to make them. Some are way too expensive to buy, so I'll make those pieces. either from scratch of by modifying a cheap alternative (off to the thrift stores!) And I'll be buying several of the pieces because it would take too long to make or require that I learn way too many skills for now (for instance that worn leather coat).

Based on some preliminary research, here's a list of the pieces in the costume and what I have planned for them:

  • Coat: buy (done - yay!)
  • Waistcoat: make
  • Shirt: buy from thrift store
  • Scarf: buy (a replica!)
  • Bandoleer: make
  • Sonic screwdriver: buy a toy replica, but make one later
  • Chain: modify a bought chain
  • Boots: buy
  • Half gaiters: make
  • Pants: buy from thrift store
  • Belt: buy
  • Hair: modify a bought wig, color my goatee & eyebrows, add some stray hairs with latex