Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Well, that was...disappointing. I can't say it was unexpected since all the early reviews (and even the trailers) foreshadowed what we'd be getting.

The movie wasn't a complete loss. The action was interesting, and I did chuckle at a couple of the one liners. And I felt that they were being fairly consistent with the essence of the TMNT universe.

But on the minus side: Oh my the acting (I want to like Megan Fox, but she is so wooden), and the characterization (one from each teen stereotype), and the plot (we'll kill everyone in the city to control it) were all terrible. And the worst part were the character models. The turtles and Splinter were horrific in a Syfy Saturday night no-budget exploitation film way. The turtles looked homeless, not cool. Their lips made them look creepy, not sympathetic. And Splinter never looked real to me. He looked like a giant rat doll prop.

The music wasn't memorable, the credit graphics looked amateurish, and the plot was trivial and unbelievable. Everyone had to be stupid for any of these evil plans to make sense.

I even feel worn out writing this. It's sucked enough of my life out of me.